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The demand for ICT in Africa is driven by economic needs and human development concerns. The globalized world is a knowledge-based economy in which goods and services are developed and sold over electronic networks. Information is considered currency, and connectivity provides access to the market. ICT technologies are considered market drivers. From the foreign investor's perspective, a country with reliable ICT has laid the foundation for efficient management, and information-sharing. Better governance and transparency ensue, because there are no longer lags in communication, and data is trackable. From a businessperson, farmer, and trader point of view, these platforms provide accurate, up-to-date market information for more informed decision-making.

ICT platforms are a channel for foreign and private investors to access Africa’s commercial market and resources. Africa is still an untapped market of consumers. Kenya in East Africa is the commercial gateway to the other land-locked countries and is one of the most promising markets due to political stability, global connectivity and ease of business.

The 2 Day strategic conference is focused on key drivers, opportunities and change factors to be implemented in Infrastructure & Communication Technology in various sectors including Transport, Banking & Finance, Education and Healthcare to utilize maximum benefit and optimize the operational efficiency.

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