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Electricity has become an indispensable prerequisite for enhancing economic activity and improving human quality of life. Nearly 600 million people in Africa lack access to electricity. Electricity blackouts occur on a daily basis in many African countries. Agricultural and industrial production processes are made more efficient through the use of electricity.

Faced with this situation, people and enterprises often have to rely on expensive diesel power generation to meet their electricity needs, costing some African economies between 1% and 5% of GDP annually. To meet its growing demand Africa has an urgent need to raise the level of investment in its power sector.

Analysis of a range of country and regional studies suggests the continent will need to add around 250 GW of capacity between now and 2030 to meet demand growth. The magnitude of the investments required is such that governments will need public-private partnerships in order to scale up investment in generation capacity. Rapid population growth looks set to further strain energy services, with some estimating that the continent’s population will surpass four billion by the end of the century.

Africa faces a unique opportunity as nearly two-thirds of the additional capacity needed in 2030 has yet to be built. Many African countries are burdened by opaque policy frameworks and excessive red tape, while electricity subsidies and government mandated Prospects for the African Power Sector 3 pricing often hinder sustainable business investment.

Key Topics:

  • Identifying the potential of renewable sources in the Sub-Saharan Regions
  • Implementation of Smart Grid / Off – Grid technologies projects using renewable energy for a better and reliable power transmission
  • Sources of capitalizing renewable power projects & Exploring Foreign Direct Investment policies for better project implementation
  • Hybrid Energy System : Supporting apportunities for emerging market

Prospective Delegation you can meet:

  • Independent Power Producers
  • Power Developing companies
  • Power Transmission Companies
  • Power Distribution Companies
  • Regulatory Board.
  • Construction Companies
  • Ministry’s
  • Associations
  • Technical and Financial consultancies
  • Legal Advisories
  • Project Management Firms

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